How to Sell Your Car in Los Angeles, CA Even If You Have Outstanding Tickets

If you want to sell your car online in Los Angeles, CA, it comes with its own set of legal issues that make it complicated, especially if you have any unpaid tickets.

Here’s a complete guide for all the sellers in L.A. to know how to get their outstanding tickets paid and discard the vehicle in the market. Read on to understand the legal aspects that will help you make the right decision to avoid future regrets and sell your car at the maximum possible price.

Legal Obstacles: Effects of Outstanding Tickets while Selling Your Car

If you have any outstanding tickets, selling your car in Los Angeles becomes a huge problem. Whenever a vehicle receives a ticket for any kind of violation, be it parking tickets or moving violations, they are linked to the registration number of the vehicle. If any buyer does his homework right before purchasing your car, he will soon figure out the legal obstacles that will either make him back off or lower the price considerably. Therefore, it is extremely important to clear these outstanding tickets as this is directly proportionate to how easily you can sell your car and for the price you desire.

Notify the Outstanding Tickets to the Buyer

Okay, you have a couple of tickets or more stuck to your vehicle’s history? Be honest, as it really does pay off in the long run. In Los Angeles, it is always preferred to be transparent in vehicle deals as it fosters trust and sometimes helps to negotiate better terms between the buyer and seller. It is always better to confess any outstanding tickets before the sale to avoid any legal issues and regrets from the buyer. Consider it as sweeping everything under the rug, so that nothing surfaces at the eleventh hour to hinder the deal.

Effects of Outstanding Tickets on the Resale Value of Your Car

Yes, outstanding tickets do lower the price of your car you ask? Buyers in Los Angeles, who see these tickets, instantly calculate the extra amount and effort they will have to invest after buying the vehicle. They, most likely, will try to negotiate for a lower price to avoid the extra work they will put in after the deal. Thus, it is always recommended to clear the tickets before even putting your car on sale. This will not only help in getting rid of the legal issues but also make your car more competitive in the market to fetch the price it deserves.

How to Clear the Tickets before Selling Your Car

It is not a very difficult task to clear the outstanding tickets before selling your car in Los Angeles, CA. All you need to do is check the status of all the tickets with the local DMV or on the municipal court’s website. Pay the fines online or visit the court in person to settle the dues. In case, if any ticket was issued by mistake, then try to contest it through the right legal procedure, although this may involve collecting evidence and even consulting a lawyer. Don’t forget, clearing the tickets not only eases the deal but also reinstates the worth of your vehicle.

Consequences of Selling a Car with Outstanding Tickets

It’s not advisable to sell a car with outstanding tickets. In the city of Los Angeles, the buyer of a vehicle with outstanding tickets may become legally obligated to settle those tickets after the ownership of the vehicle has been changed. This can lead to many disputes and even legal actions that may put you (the seller) in the position to refund the money to the buyer or suffer other penalties. This is obviously a situation you want to avoid before, (ideally) months prior to the actual transaction.

Recommendations from Legal Professionals for Selling a Car with Outstanding Tickets

Recommendations from legal professionals are to pay all outstanding tickets before selling the car. As a matter of fact, as they put it, “the law in Los Angeles can impose some pretty stiff penalties on the seller if they fail to comply with this disclosure requirement.” For proper compliance with local jurisdiction and high ethical standards, seek the advice of a local legal professional that is well versed in traffic laws and selling vehicles. They will be able to offer guidance according to your unique circumstances and offer professional representation in court if the case goes beyond the initial hearing. Click here to find a traffic warrant attorney near you.

In Summary

There’s more to selling your car in Los Angeles, CA than looking for a buyer and negotiating a fair price. If there are outstanding tickets on the vehicle you are selling, you have to deal with them first before proceeding with the sale. Follow the three (3) easy steps above to avoid any legal issues and to maximize the resale value of your car in a hassle-free and legal manner.