Modern Business Technology Trends

The technological boom that has been unveiling for the past couple of decades has certainly made its way into the business. In fact, the world of business has perhaps experienced the biggest amount of changes. The tech innovation is not likely to slow down anytime soon and, with the pace at which these are being introduced, an entrepreneur simply has to do everything in their power to keep up, which means that there is no room for ignorance. With this in mind, we’ve outlined a list of business technology trends to keep an eye on in 2021.

Big data

Big data is unquestionably the biggest technological innovation since the dawn of the Internet and, as you may already presume, the latter is heavily based around the former.
With the sheer amount of data that is being generated throughout the web, it is only logical that someone started using it for business purposes. Every aspect of business, from market research to recruitment, can hugely benefit from using Internet data in the right way.
So, what is big data? Well, to put it simply, this means using your skills and available software to your company’s gain. For example, following potential employees’ social media accounts, predominantly LinkedIn, but also Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and a website like jokaroom, can give you valuable insight, which is much more useful than any CV or cover letter.
Another example would be using Google in order to gain valuable insight with regards to the current state of the market – everything from news articles to YouTube interviews is extremely valuable.
The amount of information you can process in a matter of minutes nowadays is whopping, in comparison to the way things were a mere decade ago.


Smartphones are another tech advancement that has completely turned our world around. The first mobile phone gave its user an until-then-incomprehensible ability to audibly converse with people regardless of their location. Smartphones have gone way beyond this – nowadays, accessing your email, social media, GPS, and a variety of other stuff, in addition to phone calls from a single, pocket-sized, wireless device is often taken for granted. Without us noticing, smartphone technology has crept up into our world and has made living without these devices next to impossible.
The proof of this is irrefutable, seeing how more than half of global Google searches took place on mobile devices. Now players can access and enjoy online casino in the us from their mobile devices. Putting mobile users first has ever since become a standard business strategy and today, people are more inclined to do their browsing via a smartphone, even when sitting in front of a computer.


Despite the fact that app technology wouldn’t exist without smartphones, things go both ways here, considering the fact that phone apps are the very pillar of any modern pocket computer.
The app technology has, in fact, become a separate branch of telecommunication, and businesses worldwide are coming to terms with the fact that owning a website and being present on social media pages is no longer enough to keep their customers satisfied, which is why many successful companies actually have their own apps.


Everything is connected nowadays – your email to your social media accounts, your smartphone to your PC, your company computers with each other, and you, yourself with the rest of the world. Crazy as it may have sounded to an average entrepreneur from the turn of the century, business meetings are now regularly held via video streaming services, such as Skype, seeing how conference phone calls simply aren’t personal enough. The best part here is not only that the tedium of sending officials to distant countries has been made redundant, but that a lot of time is saved, which further means both saving money, as well as boosting your earnings.

Mobile cloud computing (MCC)

Everything is stored in the cloud nowadays and this has brought upon a wide variety of benefits to an everyday entrepreneur’s table. For example, the availability of every important document, at all times, from any location in the world has been made possible, as long as the user is connected to the Internet.
Back-to-back with the smartphone technology, MCC has made simple, as well as complicated tasks extremely convenient, while increasing productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of tackling everything from common business meetings to exciting business ventures, from anywhere, at any time.
Even MCC has seen its own technological innovation – nowadays, the cloud providers handle data storage, computing, and complexity, which has smoothed out a large number of processes.
As long as smartphones exist, MCC isn’t going anywhere.


One of the most detrimental downsides of connectivity is, interestingly enough, exactly the same as its biggest benefit – the fact that everyone is connected means that, with a level of knowledge and expertise, almost anyone can use your valuable data to their own benefit. Cybercrime is a growing concern among many major-level companies, but it goes the same for small businesses, seeing how they tend to be a gateway to the big fish.
Additionally, as security measures are constantly being improved, so are the security threats, and resorting to cutting-edge technological innovations is now crucial, in order to remain protected.

Working from home

Everything that was mentioned here brings one new, exciting option to the table – not having to commute to work when not necessary. This is mind-bogglingly beneficial when it comes to saving, dwindling emissions, as well as for the sake of sheer convenience. Why confine yourself to the office, when you can do everything from the comfort of your own home.

The mentioned tech trends and innovations are here to stay; using the power of the Internet to the full extent, making sure that your business is equipped with a solid app, and using MCC are all factors that make a successful modern business, but do not disregard proper security!

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