Consumer Connections: The Fastest Ways Most Small Businesses Lose Customers

To build a successful business you need customers to like what you sell and to offer them a level of service that keeps them coming back for more.

Loyalty levels are not what they used to be and one slip up can result in a lost customer, which is why your focus has always got to be on maintaining a great affinity with everyone who does business with you.

Here is a look at some of the issues that can result in lost customers, including why high employee turnover is a problem and why introductory offers can cause resentment. There is also an overview of why you need to act quickly when things go wrong.

People business

You might have a great product or a business like online casino nz that your customers love but the reality is that your customers are just as likely to enjoy their relationship with your employees as much or more than they love your brand.

It is always worth remembering that many people don’t actually buy from companies as much as they buy from the people within that business.

Focus on achieving a high employee retention rate so that your customers get to talk to the same people every time they call. If they are speaking to a different person each time they call, this could lead them to consider looking elsewhere with their custom.

Lack of parity leads to resentment

It has always been the case that a business like the best real money casinos will make some introductory offers to new customers in order to entice them in and place their first order with you.

The problem comes when you keep offering heavy initial discounts and favourable offers to new customers but fail to look after your existing customers, who can soon become resentful that they are not being treated equally.

The trick is to find a way to make existing customers feel just as special and offer them loyalty discounts that make them feel as wanted as if they were coming to your for the first time.

Resolving problems should be a priority

It would be very rare if your business had not made a mistake with an order or managed to upset a customer unintentionally.

No matter how committed you are to customer service levels, things do sometimes go wrong. The key point when this happens is not necessarily what went wrong, but more importantly, what you do to put things right as quickly as possible.

Using a call recorder could help you with customer service and even dispute resolution.

Capturing inbound and outbound voice calls will help you to monitor conversations for training and quality purposes, and it can help you review an incident or miscommunication so that you can take steps to put it right.

Any customer complaint needs to be dealt with swiftly. Some big brands use social media to respond to complaints almost immediately, and this often enhances their reputation for looking after customers.

Follow their lead and act quickly to resolve a customer problem. They might even become more loyal to you in the future as a result of your actions.

Zac Murray runs his own business and wears many different hats throughout the day as he deals with clients, suppliers, order shipping and product development. He shares his tips and tricks on using technology to keep everything under control and running smoothly.

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