Check out the equipment to assemble a complete confectionery

Modern bakeries are concerned with offering diversity to consumers. Usually, the consumer searches for bread and takes the cake, the biscuit, a pie, and other items to complement his meal. These are foods that became part of the Brazilian’s routine and contribute to the growth of confectioneries.

The confectionery market alone moved R $ 91.94 billion in 2020, in a year with so many difficulties faced by Pandemic, according to data from the Brazilian Association of the Bakery and Confectionery Industry (ABIP).

According to 88.89% of the companies surveyed in the confectionery and bakery sector, this turnover was driven by the growth in resale products.

The market has remained competitive in recent years due to the improvement of common products, such as festive cakes. In addition to traditional bread, indispensable items on the Brazilian shopping list, the consumption of pies, cakes, and other confectionery products has grown among customers across the country.

Franchises like these show that investing in confectionery can be simple and cost-effective.

However, in the absence of the right equipment, everything can become complicated and even go down the drain. In the case of cake houses appearing, for example, in the absence of the correct amount of shapes and sufficient space in the oven, the cakes would not be ready at the right time, making business difficult at the company.

Therefore, a kitchen specialized in confectionery must be well equipped to enable and optimize production. Want to know what they are – The equipment to assemble a complete confectionery? Keep up with us!

Essential: Ovens

The ovens are fundamental in the finishing of the products; the appearance, crispness, coloring, and brightness of the items available in the bakeries’ windows depend on a good baking process – however, combined with ingredients of adequate quality and preparation.

Therefore, the entrepreneur must invest in good baking ovens to delight the end consumer. The choice of the perfect oven must be well studied, as it needs space to place several shapes at the same time and regulate the ideal temperature for each type of product.

The assembly style also varies: on the floor or wall, it depends on the style of production and on what the focus of sales is.

Indispensable: Stainless steel tables

National and international health agencies indicate the use of materials such as stainless steel, as they offer greater safety when in contact with food, not transmitting toxic substances, odors, or taste, in addition to greater durability and ease of cleaning.

It may seem obvious, but you can’t forget the table to open the dough and knead the bread in a pastry shop. It cannot be replaced by other surfaces, and, also, health surveillance requires that, in the case of food, only stainless steel should be used.

You can find out more about this material and answer your questions about the perfect table for your establishment here.

Once you know which table is ideal for your needs, you can still choose from our online store’s various options.

To optimize space: Shelving and Shelves

Among the equipment to set up a confectionery do not forget the shelves and shelves. Buying equipment like this allows you to make better use of the limited kitchen space.

It is possible to store items in different categories for each segment. It is important to respect the storage temperature indicated for each product. Another differential of stainless steel is a material that does not alter the flavor, aroma, or color of food and withstands both low and high temperatures.

See some models on our website in Shelves and Shelves.

For production: Mixers and Mixers

Far beyond the accessories and features that an electric mixer offers, some specific criteria are necessary for your use routine. The accessories that make up your mixer kit will determine the number of functions that she will be able to perform in your confectionery.

There is a multitude of mixers and mixers to explore. Again, depending on your need, you must choose between electric mixers that allow for different specific speeds for what you will mix and achieve the desired consistency.

An important tip is to always have a pair of manual mixers for emergencies and simple preparations.

For assembly: Shapes and Hoops

If your establishment focuses on product diversity, you need different ways to meet each production type, from smaller molds, muffin molds, cakes with holes in the middle, rectangular shapes, and hoops.

The stainless steel rims are used to assemble, cut, and shape the cakes; they are ideal for professional kitchens and pastry shops. Product resistant to impacts and oxidation, stainless steel products’ choice brings hygiene and durability to your kitchen.

If your idea is of the type of cake houses, you will need a lot in the same way to create a pattern in production. Check out some options in our Kitchen Utensils section.

For cleaning and organization: Plastic pots

So that no one goes crazy inside a messy kitchen, plastic pots become your best friends in storing food taken from disposables. This preserves the ingredients and helps you find what you need.

For a good presentation: Beautiful packaging and creativity

If your company invests in packaging that differs from the others and stands out on the shelves, chances are great that a potential customer will be interested in it and decide to take it home. For a customer who is in doubt between two products, well-produced packaging is what will certainly make the difference when choosing.

Extra tip: don’t forget the regulations

With all the equipment to set up a confectionery provided and ready for use, unleash your creativity and make your delicacies for sale without forgetting the law’s requirements.

For those who have already invested or intend to invest in a gastronomic, commercial establishment, they must by law register their business with the established municipality’s Sanitary Surveillance. 

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