Tips for Choosing the Right Caster Wheels

Caster wheels can be found on various items, from furniture to heavy equipment, so when you are in the market for new ones, you will need to know how to find the right size and type for your project. The wrong kind of casters will spin when you need them rigid, and the wrong size or weight rating can make your cart wobble or break down more frequently.

Determine the Type You Need

There are two main types of casters, swivel or rigid, and you can use a mix of the two for your projects if you want one side to steer and the other to follow. Most of the features you may need, such as dual wheel shock absorbing casters for heavy loads, will be subcategories of these types. For instance, you can find swivels and fixed casters with shock-absorbing features, locks and brakes. Once you know the primary type needed, you can narrow your search by those features and by the weight, the caster wheels need to be rated for and what size they need to be.

Double Check Sizes and Weights

Wheels that are too small can reduce the height of workstations, get stuck on any cables, debris or lips in your floor, or even break from heavy loads. It is essential to check the load ratings for different caster materials against your project specifications while keeping in mind what type of surfaces the wheels will be moving over. Check the size you need before placing your order, especially if you are purchasing a replacement that will need to fit a set of casters you already have.

Choosing the right caster wheels for your needs comes down to three main criteria: type, load tolerance, and size. Once you know whether you need swivel or fixed wheels, how much weight they will need to carry, and the diameter your project requires, you can choose between features such as locking, shock-absorbing and more.

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