Packaging Options for Your Etsy Store

Many people who have creative hobbies turn to Etsy as a place to showcase and sell their crafted items. When you are creating unique makeups or foods for use at home, you might simply reach for what you have lying around as packaging for the products. When you advance to selling this merchandise online, however, packaging becomes a very big part of the process of getting your wares out to your customers. Not only must the packaging you select be functional for the goods stored inside it, but it also must be sturdy enough to withstand shipping. It also needs to reflect your shop’s aesthetic, so your logo and lettering need to appear on an appropriate label that can be affixed to the packaging. There are a wide variety of options for packaging that you can consider for these purposes.

Food Storage

Food storage must be made of materials that are safe for food use. In addition, the storage container needs to work with the type of product, whether it is liquid or solid. There are condiment containers available for liquid foods, for example, and plastic bottles with lids can work well for these purposes. One advantage of using plastic packaging solutions is that they are lighter in weight than glass or metal, and thereby help to reduce shipping costs.

Cosmetic Containers

Small plastic or glass containers with tight-fitting lids of plastic or metal are available as packaging and design solutions for your cosmetic line. Labeling is a consideration, as most cosmetics packaging tends to be small, so you may want to seek information on labeling cosmetics to see what choices are available.

You can set yourself up for success early in your Etsy career by spending a bit of time now considering what packaging solutions would work best for the products you have to offer. Consulting with professional designers can help you choose wisely from the selections available.

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